Identifying My Excuses and Overcoming Them

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I’m Veronica, a 24 year-old adult in progress, chipping away at student loans while simultaneously attempting to be active in the Dallas social scene and see the world! On a budget… Did I mention I’m living at home with Mom again for the time being?

Yamaguchi, Japan. April, 2012.
Yamaguchi, Japan. April, 2012.

So some things don’t happen according to our own schedules, but we must not let those discourage us from moving forward.

As we all do during our mandatory self-reflection at New Year, I began to have a serious (and adult) conversation with myself. I realized that when I resettled in Dallas, TX after graduation (two and a half years ago), I began living passively, lolled into content routine. This is how I see it anyway. I work as I should, earn money and pay bills as I should, and make social appearances once in awhile as I should.

Some magical, golden standard of living gets passed around, then soon we are all walking down a prescribed yellow brick road, shooting for that corner office on the 56th floor of the shiniest building in downtown. Trust me, I’d like to be sitting up there too with my personal wine dispenser and a puppy. I’m not saying this goal is unachievable (maybe it is…), but I feel like perhaps this image is manufactured and force-fed into my brain.

While envisioning some variation of this future, I made my family and friends, finances, gender, and job into excuses to not try new things and go to new places. Facing change can make us fearful, but I feel like I miss out on adventure and learning about the world when I succumb to those fears. I believe I can obtain the same level of happiness I would have at the age of 40, at last financially stable and ready to explore, as I can in my 20s, having similar experiences on a smaller budget. Why wait!

Now I want to shake things up: travel abroad again, more intimately discover my hometown of Dallas, explore the vast geography of cuisine and spirits, and meet interesting people!

Let’s start discussion about things to see and how to keep expenses low. I want to hear where your exciting excursions take you or advice you might have for a solo traveler. Join me as I navigate through young adulthood and new adventures (big and small). Visit my blog as often as you like to share in my experiences!

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